Haag, Alexander Johannes    DUT Army- Sld.    
  Haarlem, Willem    DUT Army - Pvt.    
  Haastert, Siegfried van    DUT Army - Sld.    
314 Hackett, William William
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   USA Army - PFC.  CAC D Btry 59th CA Regt
95 Hafer, Ray Henry    USA Army - Cpl. C Co. 31st Infantry  Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
  Hagan, William Martyn    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Hagemo, Olaf W.    USA USMC Sgt. 4th Marines - H Co. 2nd BN. Died in Camp
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Duluth, Minn.
1708 Hagstrom, Alfred Staples    USA Navy-PhM 2/C 4th Marines Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Philadelphia, PA.
  Haigh, Norman Fred    BRI Army - Cpl.    
  Haley, William Francis    AUS Army - Pvt.    
447 Hallas, Vernon Irvin    USA Army - Pvt./Medic L Btry. 60th CA Regt (AA)
  Hallett, Arthur Edward    BRI Army - Dvr.    
1455 Hambley, Albert James    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1862 Hameeteman, Wilhelmus    DUT Army - Sld.    
  Hamel, John Carel    DUT Army -Kapitein    
1260 Hamilton, Weldon Curtis
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   USA  Army - Pvt.     Deceased  16 April 2008
Sebastopol, California


Hammon, Charlie    USA Navy - CBM     
946 Hammond, Alfred Harry    BRI Army - Sgt.    
1867 Hamstin, R.        
  Hannah, John Richmond    AUS Army - Pvt. 4th A Tank  
279 Hannink, Harm
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   USA  Army - Pvt.  CAC E Btry. 59th CA Regt HDM & SB Deceased  27 August 1989
  Harcourt, William Edward    AUS Army - Dvr.    
  Hardcastle, Selwyn James    AUS Army - Gunner    
  Hardey, Edward Charles    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Harding, Alfred    BRI Army - Sgt.    
1758 Hargrove, Jack


Army - Pvt.
16th Bomb Group Deceased 1985
Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Olive Hill, TN.
  Harleston, Wilkinson    BRI Army - Diver    From Norfolk
  Harms, Henri    DUT USMC- Mil/Matr    
156 Harp, Robert R.
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   USA  Army - PFC.  Hq & Hq Sqdn 27th Bomb Gr. V Bomb Cmd. Deceased  28 Sept. 1991
  Harper, Albert    BRI Army - Dvr.    
  Harris, Maxwell Reeve    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1139 Harris, Charles Warren    USA Army - S/Sgt.     
  Harrison, Harry Charles    AUS Army - Pvt.    
581 Harrison, Stanley    BRI Army - Dvr.    
  Harrison, Herbert N E.    AUS Army - Dvr. AASC  
  Hart, Dirk    DUT Marine - Pvt.    
232 Hart, Leonard Marvin
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   USA Army - Pvt. 192nd Tank Battalion Co. A
Prov. Tank Gr.
Deceased  01 March 1981 (or 1983)
19 Hart, Lewis William    USA Navy - MM1/c USS Pigeon Submarine Sqdrn 2  
   Hart, Pieter Johannes 't    DUT Navy - Matr. 1    
1933  Harte, John Michael    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Harvey, Charles Fredrick    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Harvey, David Harry     BRI Army - S/Sgt.    
  Harvey, Frederick William    BRI Army- S/Condr.    
1723 Harvey, Thomas Eugene


Marines - PFC 4th Marines Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Adrian, Michigan
1320 Haslett, John Charles    USA  Marines - PFC.    
  Hasselaar, Albert    DUT Army-S/Maj.Adm    
1793 Hatchford, R. J.        
  Hawes, Kenneth    BRI Army - Pvt.    
  Hawkes, Arthur James    BRI Army - Pvt.    
1895  Hay, Reginald George    AUS Army WO - 2    
244 Hayes, Amos Irby Jr.    USA  Army - PFC.  H Co. 31st Infantry  Regt.
(US) Phil Div
1608 Hayles, Thomas William    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1770 Haynes, Raymond Clyde    USA Army - Pvt.
91st Bomb Group Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Inman, SC.
1321 Hays, Roy E. (Gabby) (daughter's e-mail)
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USMC - PFC. 4th Marines, Co.  "D"  Gunner, Corregidor Deceased  08 March 2012 - Florida National Cemetery
1823 Hayward, George    BRI Army - Pvt.    
61 Haywood, Henry E.


Army - Sgt. 440th Ord Co (Avn) 19th Bomb Gr (H)  V Bomb Com. Died in Camp  01 March 1945 Starved b/c went into debt trading rations
  Haywood, William Thomas    AUS Army - Pvt.    
109 Hazel, Lewis Arnold    USA Army Air Corps - Cpl. 16th Bomb Sq. 27th Bomb Gr L V Bomb Com. 1324 Brightwood Dr. Savannah, GA. 31406  (912) 354-5128
1432 Head, Edward Richard    AUS RAAF - Sgt.    
1258 Heanson, S.        
  Heard, Noah Cecil
   Spelled Hurd on other sources
   Confirmed Heard on Census
   USA Army - PFC. 194th Tank Bn Co. A
Prov Tank Gr.
Salinas, CA.
Beheaded by bayonet 31 May 1944
(for stealing food that was stored and refused to prisoners) by Lt. Yuni. Lt.'s Romaine & Christy,  forced to witness.
209 Heard, William Henry
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   USA Army - Pvt.  CAC K Btry 59th CA Regt HDM & SB  
  Heathcote, JosephWilliam    BRI Army - S/Maj.     
? Heimann, Herschel       Deceased  19 Nov. 1992
278 Heinz, Roger Roy    USA Army - Pvt.  CAC L Btry 59th CA Regt (AA) HDM & SB  
  Helweg, Teunis    DUT Army - Sld.    
1180 Hem???g, M.        
1318 Henderson, Robert Dave    USA USMC - PFC.     
426 Hendricks, Frank Krutsch
  Also known as Krutsch, Arthur Franklin
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   USA Navy S 2/C     
175 Hendry, Elliott    USA Army Air Corp - M/Sgt.  Hq & Hq Sqdn 27th Bomb Gr.
V Bomb Cmd.
1907 Hensby, Neil Augustus
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   AUS Army - Sgt.    
  Hepworth, Joseph Mabey    USA Navy - CY    
1444 Herd, Allan Charles
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   AUS Army - L/Cpl. 2/6th Field Company, Royal Australian Army Engineers, Attach.
 7th Division, 2nd AIF
Deceased  18 July 2012 - age 95
  Hermann, Leo
See Karel Aster's Bio for info
CZECH     Died in Camp April 2, 1945
Cause of death listed as Beri-beri
1824 Heron, John    BRI Army - Pvt.    
56 Herring, Gale Myron    USA Army - Sgt.  CAC I Btry 60th CA
410 Herron, Duane    USA Army - Pvt. CAC E Btry. 59th CA Regt HDM & SB  
  Hertogh, de Adrianus Petrus    DUT Army - Sgt.    
  Heuvelmans, Casper L.J.    DUT Army - M/Sgt.    
  van Heuven, Conrad    DUT Army - Sld.    
4 Hewlett, Thomas Hill    USA Captain  Medical Officer Station Hospital Ft. Mills HDM & SB Deceased
  Heyden, Hermanus v.d.    DUT Army    
  Hiam, George Henry    BRI Army - Dvr.    
1171 Hicks, Irvin Lee
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   USA Army - Cpl.     
1314 Hicks, William Donald    USA USMC - PFC.     
1252 Hiebert, King George    USA Army - PFC.     
71 Hildreth, Lester James (Jim) Jr.
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   USA Navy - SC 3/C  USS Canopus Submarine Sqdn. 2  
1092  Hill, Frederick George    BRI Army - Dvr.    
277 Hill, George Benjamin    USA Army - Pvt.  AT Co. 31st Infantry Regt.
(US) Phil Div.
1795 Hilmes, T.        
1776 Hilton, Patrick Gordon    USA  Army - Pvt.  Medical Corpsman Survivor of the Oryoku Maru
Last known address: Montgomery, WV.
1868 Hirsch, Otto
See Karel Aster's Bio for info



  Deceased  04 October 1987
634 Hitchen, Joseph Ronald    AUS Army - Dvr.    
389 Hixon, John Charles    USA Army - Pvt.  454th Ord Co (Avn) 27th Bomb Gr. (L)  V Bomb Cmd.  
1105 Hobbs, Archie    BRI Army - Dvr.    
435 Hobby, Jackson Scott    USA USMC - PFC.  L Co 3rd Bn 4th Marines  
349 Hocherl, George    USA Army - Pvt.  Enlisted 12/24/1940-WA.,Vancouver Barracks.
G Co. 31st Inf Regt
(US) Phil Div.
Born 1912, Native State: Wisconsin.  Resided in Oregon
  Hodgson, David    BRI Army - Pvt.    
  Hoebert, Carel Merle    DUT Army - Sld.    
  Hofman, Jan Tinus    DUT Army - Sld.    
642 Hogg, Roy H.    AUS Army - Gunner    
281 Hoglund, Eugene Theodore    USA Army - PFC. AMD 194th Tank Bn.
Prov Tank Gr. Co. A
Deceased  3 September 1977
1270 Holder, Albert    USA Army - Pvt.     
1616 Holdsworth, Keith William    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Holland, Charles    BRI Army - Dvr.    
1326 Holland, Thomas Grady
     See Biography Page
   USA USMC Company K, 3rd Battalion,
4th Regiment
Deceased  18 January 2007
126 Hollingshead, Larry Mckellar    USA USMC - Cpl. K Co 3rd Bn 4th Marines  
  Hollingsworth, Sidney John    BRI Army - Pvt.    
1861 Holman, John Nicholas    AUS Army - Pvt.    
1440 Holman, Robert Francis    AUS Army - Pvt.    
557 Holmes, Edward Arthur    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Holmes, Thomas    BRI Army - Cpl.    
  Holtzman, Leslie Norman    AUS Army - Cpl.    
  Honer, Oliver James    AUS Army - Pvt. 2 Fld Coy/12th  
1599 Honner, Neville Alexander    AUS Army - Pvt./Sapper 2 Fld Coy/12th  
1227 Hood, Dewy Oliver
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   USA Army - PFC.    Deceased  20 March 1986
  Hoogeveen, Hendrik W.    DUT Army - Sld.    
1488 Hopwood, Cecil    AUS Army - L/Cpl.    
938 Horton, Eric 
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Army Qt. Master Sgt.    
829 Hoorn  (? sp.), Andreas Pieter Leendert Anthonio van    DUT Army - Sld.


  Hosbach, Johannes    DUT Army - Mil/Sgt.    
1663 Housden, WalterKenneth.    BRI Army-AF A.C.2    
391 Houston, Otis Gilmore    USA Army Air Corp - Pvt. 48th Matl Sqdn 27th Bomb Gr. (L) V Bomb Cmd.  
  Houtem, Hubert van    DUT Army - Sld.    
1590 Howard, Joseph Walter    AUS Army - Cpl.    
  Howden, William Royston    BRI Army - Dvr.    
507 Howell, R. V. (Scotty)    AUS Lt.    
  Howlett, Donald Alfred    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/40th  
1586 Hubbard, Ronald Oliver    AUS RAAF - Sgt.    
497 Hubrecht, William Louis 


Army - Pvt.  12th Med. Regiment (Medic)
Philippine Div.
  Hughes, Melvourne James    AUS Army - Pvt. 2/26th  
1158 Hume, Howard Lewis    USA Army - Sgt.    
614 Hummerston, Slade Lawr.    AUS Army - Pvt.    
  Humphrey, Herbert Frank    BRI Army - Pvt.    
  Humphreys, Albert    BRI Army - Pvt.    
   Hundeveld, Johannes GB    DUT Army - Sld.    
1601 Hunt, Henry Barratt    AUS Army - Pvt.    
233 Hunt, Rufus Bee    USA Army - PFC.  M Co. 31st Infantry Regt (US)
Philippine Div..
  Hurd, Noah Cecil
   see Heard, Noah Cecil
   USA Army - Pvt.    
271 Hutchison, Ronald C.    USA Army - PFC. Infantry  
1138 Huth, Lloyd N.    USA Army - S/Sgt.     
  Huykelom, Cornelis    DUT Army - Sgt.    

* Ban  is the Japanese name for "number"     NAT: Nationality  USA-America,  AUS-Australian, BRI-British
                                                                    DUT-Dutch,   CZECH-Czechoslovakian,   NOR-Norwegian

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