Former Camp 17 POW                           
Visits "Patriots" Behind This Web Site.

In recognition of National POW Day, Leland Sims, of San Antonio, Texas came to Idaho to meet the "Patriots" (students) behind this web site.  See Project History Link.

Inspired by a letter from one of the students volunteering on this project, Leland traveled to Lewiston not only for the students, but to meet the Petrie's; family of Wayne Petrie who Leland had been interned with in Camp 17.

Accompanied by his daughter, Brenda MacDonald, Leland was received as a special guest of honor for several planned events during
the week of his visit. They would be hosted by the Project Manager, Linda Dahl, who was very honored to have them stay with her.

This exciting event began with a special greeting at the airport, followed by Leland as guest speaker two days at the Junior High the "Patriots" attend. There was also a "POW Day" at the local library where Leland, along with another Japanese POW, Lewiston resident Warren (Bill) Smith, were guests.

National POW Day was honored with a full day of presentations by Leland at the Junior High. A special lunch with the "Patriots", their librarian, Linda Dahl and Wayne's son, Jon Petrie. The day ending with some special moments of sharing between Leland, the "Patriots", and the Petrie's.

The week ended with a barbecue at the home of the youngest son of Wayne Petrie, James, and his wife Karla. Here the families were able to spend a special evening together before Leland and Brenda were to fly out the next day for a national POW reunion.

The accompanying article from the local newspaper perhaps best tells how much this visit meant to everyone involved. And how enriched are the lives of all who were able to partake in the week's events.

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