How Daily Habits Can Lead To Long Term Improvement

 If you had a million dollars and wanted to build a house, the first thing you would do is approach a building architect. An architect will create a blueprint for your dream house on a big sheet of paper and explain to you the various elements that would go into that house. This way you will know where the living room, bedrooms, family rooms and kitchen will be located. Only then will you go ahead with bringing that picture into reality. Your life is no different than building a house professionally, it needs a blueprint too. 

Unfortunately, many people start their life journey without s plan or blueprint in place. They want to build their dream house but never take out the time to consult an architect. Instead, they just walk into the land with tools and equipment and begin building their “dream home”. The result is a homeowner’s nightmare where nobody wants to live in. Your life without a purpose will exactly look like this home. And given the fact that life is far more important than a house, it should not be neglected. Therefore, you need to decide what you want to do and where you want to be 5 years, a decade or two decades down the road. 

People who are exhausted by the daily grind of personal and work matters often go for counseling at some point in their life journey. A decent counselor’s first question will be, “What is your every day like?”. Many people leave confused by this question, so refuse to answer. Some become disgruntled with the counselor for not addressing their immediate problem – their work-life balancing issues. “Why don’t you fix my problem here?”, they will ask. There is a valid reason for the counselor’s question: Almost all types of life problems, be it at home or workplace, arise from what you do on a daily basis. Managing time and working toward your long term goals are absolutely essential if you want to have that balance in work and life that you are seeking. Of course, there may be challenges in life, but inability to work them out is due to the person’s imbalance in day-to-day tasks or lack of a routine thereof. The secret to success is to have a plan for the daily needs that are the sum of parts of the whole. A blueprint for life is about following daily habits that will lead to prosperity in the long run and not just for that particular moment. 

Your daily habits can include many actions that will take place in a day, such as food habits, sleep pattern, work ethic, being aware and responsible, exercise routine, setting standards character-wise and much else. How high are you able to build this “dream life”, and how deeply rooted these habits are will determine where you are headed in the future. Once you have everything you need to make 24 hours a day of fulfillment, you are set for the lengthier tasks. When you know the value of each and every day, only then will you have a clear picture of your life ahead. In many instances, people who have put effort in building their lives have had their daily routine neatly laid to begin with. They have had created a daily blueprint before creating one for their life. These people feel a greater sense of passion with what they do because they know that every day is a time that they will never get back. With that vision, creating a plan for your everyday for the rest of your life should take only a few hours. First, determine what is it that you are going to achieve and what is truly important to you. There are many resources – both online and offline – for a more detailed version of how to pick good habits on a daily basis and discard the rest.